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Skipped work for the day to send b'day cake for my sis. (@,@") (kids dont follow this bad example)

and she's surprised. coz her b'day was celebrated a few days ago as family. and today was for her and friends.

After sent cake, went out for lunch with mom then home.

evening come, sit in front of laptop, look for sub. and what did i found (^^)>>> sub for Kindaichi SP case. I was looking for the sub for weeks or month...

Thanks for subber.

And i'm going to watch now....


Yuube no Curry,Ashita no Pan

Just finished watching Yuube no Curry, Ashita no Pan from ep 1-5.

when i read the title what comes to my mind is a show with curry pan. LOL... (@_@) Curry..
I really love Japanese curry.

I hardly read the synopsis of the drama before downloading. Bad habit i guess. But no matter what J-dorama I download eventually I'll love it and save it to drive and watch it again in 6 months or years later.
Thank u to those providing the RAWs and subs. Really love u all...~

Currently watching on going dorama
-Yuube no Curry, Ahita no Pan
-SUbete wa F ni Naru
-Gomen ne Sheisun!
-Dear Sister
-Kurofuku Monogatari
-Jigoku sensei Nube

watching past dorama

Lol so many dorama...seems like i have no job...other than watching dorama...


No update...|> Dull life.... its me i guess...
Enjoy watching J-drama and playing with Miki the poodle doodle...P06-02-13_13.03[01]
Especially after back to Indo... my life been going down hill (,") Hope will go uphill soon~

Now its exams period and yet I have no motivation to study.. ARGH!
What i did from yesterday...

Watch J-drama:
Ohitorisama ep 6... (since I need to wait for the sub) though can watch RAW but with sub is more inetersting.. XD
Ryusei no Kizuna the whole series from ep 1-10... (OMG! haven't finish my exams and yet I spent my whole day sitting in front my comp and watch drama)

I've been spending my time searching for ARASHI's drama...
Dotz! yeah! dotz....
Ever since, started to watch the Quiz show...Maou and Uta no Oni-san
Though I'm outdated by 10 years since ARASHI started their debut...
Bun now I'm really exited about them!!!
ALL of them just GORGEOUS! KAKOI! *dream*

Read novel (re-read to be precise) like I have nothing better to do... when actually i have which is STUDY...

and today
still have no motivation
start watching drama again... but it's a super short series --> 10 minutes... argh...
and continue reading novel...
and did a 10 minutes revision when actually i have to fight for 2 papers in the next 2 days...
Where on earth can I find motivation to study....


Hand Made Sweets Accessories!

Ice Cream Series 

Vanila Ice Cream
-Vanilla Ice Cream w/ Chocolate Cone

Strawberry Ice Cream
-Strawberry Ice Cream w/ Vanilla Cone
Cookies n Cream
-Cookies n Cream w/ Vanilla Cone

Strawberry&Vanilla Ice Cream
-Strawberry&Vanilla Ice Cream on Stick

-Strawberry Ice Cream on Stick

Chocolates Series
White Choco
-Heart White Chocolate Earings

Many More To Come~
Other cobination can be order such as:
-Strawberry/&Vanilla Heart  Earings
-Strawberry Ice Cream w/ Vanilla/Chocolate Cone Earings
-Chocolate Ice Cream w/ Vanilla Cone Hand phone Strap

Neckles/ Earrings from USD$ 5-7

All price include shipment.
4% paypal fee is not included

It arrived

Finally! My ordered reach my mail box today. I've been waited for it to come in the past 2 week and today! finally My NYC boys CD come! with Arashi CD... Finally XD
Once reach home I can't wait to open it. So i just open it on my way up to home XD (so impatient) LOL!
But what to say? I've been waiting for 2 weeks...


BSSB Socks

BSSB Cherry Socks USD 25 (incl. Shipment)

BSSB tops/Cutsaw

BSSB Ice cream tank-top USD 70 (incl.shipment)
BSSB-Ice Cream Tank Top
Clear view of laces~

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Cute Bunny Ear~

BSSB+Alice and the Pirate Bags/Ring

BSSB Poddle Bag USD 80 (incl.shipment)
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side view

BSSB Tote Bag USD 35 (incl.shipment) SOLD =)

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